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I have extensive experience in Software Product Development and Information Technology projects. I have 20+ years experience in web related technologies including work at major consulting firms and leading Internet companies. I have designed and deployed advanced web based projects using both proprietary and open-source technologies, including: Portals, Content Management Systems, Real-Time Security Analyzers, CRM, e-Commerce and Rich-Media projects.  I hold multiple U.S. Patents issued in the computer software field. My educational background includes a BS in Computer Science and graduate studies in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Business Management.

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  • NameClyde Sparks
  • Address11030 Carlton Way, Stanton, Ca 90680
  • Phoneavailable upon request

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Divorce and Occupation (interactive plot)

Some jobs tend towards higher divorce rates. Some towards lower. As people are marrying later and staying single longer, divorce continues to be common in the United States. It’s not the mythical “half of marriages end in divorce” common, but the percentages are up there. Divorce rates vary a lot by group though. Rates are higher for the […]

World’s largest instrument resides in a cave (video)

The world’s largest instrument exists deep inside the Luray Caverns in the Appalachian Mountains, and it’s 400 million years in the making, Scientific American reports. It’s called the Great Stalacpipe Organ, but it’s unlike a typical organ, which forces air through pipes to create music — this instrument rhythmically strikes the cave’s stalactites to create […]

Conway’s Law

Conway’s law is an adage named after computer programmer Melvin Conway, who introduced the idea in 1967;[1] it was first dubbed Conway’s law by participants at the 1968 National Symposium on Modular Programming.[2] It states that organizations which design systems … are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these […]

Aha! Study examines people as they are struck by sudden insight

Everybody loves those rare “aha moments” where you suddenly and unexpectedly solve a difficult problem or understand something that had previously perplexed you. But until now, researchers had not had a good way to study how people actually experienced what is called “epiphany learning.” In new research, scientists at The Ohio State University used eye-tracking […]


In a world filled with ever-more-complex technological, sociological, ecological, political & economic systems… a tool to make interactive simulations may not be that much help. But it can certainly try. Loopy is a System Simulation and Visualization building routine by Nicky Case. Play with simulations here.  

How Does Bitcoin Work? (video)

We have all heard of Bitcoin.  This video gives a more technical explanation of how Bitcoin works. Want more? Check out my new in-depth course on the latest in Bitcoin, Blockchain, and a survey of the most exciting projects coming out (Ethereum, etc):… Lots of demos on how to buy, send, store (hardware, paper wallet). […]

Pioneering chip extends sensors’ battery life (video)

A low-cost chip that enables batteries in sensors to last longer, in some cases by over ten times, has been developed by engineers from the University of Bristol. Dr Bernard Stark and colleagues in the Bristol Electrical Energy Management Research Group based in the Merchant Venturers School of Engineering, have developed a voltage detector chip […]

The Map of Mathematics (video)

The entire field of mathematics summarised in a single map! This shows how pure mathematics and applied mathematics relate to each other and all of the sub-topics they are made from. If you would like to buy a poster of this map, they are available here:… I have also made a version available for […]

GE’s wants you to do some science with Labracadabra

If you’re looking for something to occupy your teen’s time, you could do worse than GE’s Labracadabra. These are a family of mind-expanding science sets which start at the allowance-friendly price of $29.99. At launch, there are six on offer, and they all demonstrate an important scientific concept, like exothermic reactions and sound waves. And yes. […]

Traces of the Sun (video)

Explanation: This year the December Solstice is today, December 21, at 10:44 UT, the first day of winter in the north and summer in the south. To celebrate, watch this amazing timelapse video tracing the Sun’s apparent movement over an entire year from Hungary. During the year, a fixed video camera captured an image every […]

Google’s AI created its own universal ‘language’

The technology used in Google Translate can identify hidden material between languages to create what’s known as interlingua. Google has previously taught its artificial intelligence to play games, and it’s even capable of creating its own encryption. Now, its language translation tool has used machine learning to create a ‘language’ all of its own. In […]

9 Mobile App Trends for 2017 (infographic)

Apps are not just built for smartphones anymore. They are needed for homes, cars and commerce. In 2017, there is a huge entrepreneurs and consumers. It’s creating many opportunities for innovation. What’s in store mobile app trends for 2017? 2017 will be the year of small businesses developing mobile apps Location-based services continue to rise. […]

First Post

Hello everyone! This is the first post on my new WordPress blog. The thoughts and articles that will be posted here will mostly be related to topics in the computer/web field, with occasional articles off-topic that I find interesting. CRS  

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